Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back on the Bike

Got on the mountain bike two days ago for the first time this fall! It was a fun one, too. Alan and I got about 30 miles in, with more than half of that on dirt. We took the short cut up into Ringwood directly from Oakland, and spared ourselves the torture of riding Cannonball from the trailhead in Pompton Lakes to Bear Swamp. That would have been a 50+mile day.

I was definitely noticing a lack of core and upper body strength when riding technical single track. In many technical sections, I found it hard to hold a line, and the switchbacks on the race course kicked my butt. This just means it's time to get back in the gym. I was also running pretty high tire pressure, and that definitely didn't help me.

Today I ventured out on my fixie and played in real traffic. Need to work on my track stand, as the sketchiest moments were when I was trying to start moving again, and I couldn't stand up on the pedals. Skipped my usual loop to avoid some of the hills. Need to get stronger before I attempt some of these climbs with the 42x16.

Going for my first run since the marathon tomorrow. Then ride the fixie on Thursday, and maybe a hike Friday morning before work. Any chance to get out in the woods during the remnants of fall I'm going to take! Saturday Mike B. and I will be looking to get in 100miles on the road, down the shore. Our route will take us by the Jersey Shore house.

GTL baby, all day, every day.

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