Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 0

I consider today my first real day back on the bike to prep for 2011. I did 37 miles with Jordan, and it was cold. I heard it was 18 degrees. I'm not sure it was actually that cold, but my bottles were completely frozen around mile 26.

My HR averaged 151 for the 2hrs 17min that we were out there. Last year at this time I wasn't seriously training, was overweight, and a lot of the things I accomplished in 2010 were not even within my perceived realm of possibility. I know that I'm light years ahead of where I was a year ago. With that said, todays ride still left me wiped out :-) and I had to take a nice 3 hour nap on the couch. I'll admit that two pints of Guinness with lunch may have had something to do with my afternoon slumber.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be back in the gym on a consistent basis. My priorities for the next few months are:

1. Flexibility - I'm going to be stretching/rolling out twice a day on days that I work out

2. Core training - This includes fixing strength imbalances in my right leg (source of my IT band trouble)

3. Nutrition - For the month of January, I'm going to break out the spreadsheet again and track what I eat, and the number of calories consumed/burned. Last year, this helped me develop healthy habits, and bake them into my life. Just like with everything else, if you don't plan your nutrition, you're planning to fail. This is actually a lot less of a PITA than it seems, as long as your prepare most of your own food and snacks for the day.

4. Consistency - It's been nice to skip out on early morning trips to the gym these past few weeks, but that ends today.

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